Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why Conservatives Must Fight the Good Fight

There isn’t a day that goes by without someone sending me an e-mail detailing the latest “progressive” decision made or idea put forth by BHO’s administration. And almost daily I get involved in chats, IMs, e-mails or Facebook threads with committed, Gen-X liberals. Most weeks, I find these happenings mildly to moderately annoying and almost not worth mentioning. But this week, for some unexplainable reason, the inbound communications were just plain outrageous and couldn’t be ignored. Here is a synopsis of them.

  • Judge Sonia Sotomayor, during her confirmation hearings, characterized Roe-v-Wade as “settled law,” but when questioned about gun ownership, said she would have an “open mind” in ruling on that issue. What an outrage! Roe-v-Wade is “settled law” and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution is not "settled law" ?*** Disgraceful!
  • According to the Congressional Budget Office, ObamaCare will cost $1.5 trillion dollars, is not revenue neutral and does nothing to reduce the cost of delivering health care in the US. In a similar report the House Ways and Means Committee reached the same conclusion. * Scandalous!
  • BHO’s Department of Justice (DOJ) ruled the State of Georgia can no longer demand proof of citizenship before issuing someone a Voter Registration card. The DOJ further ruled in favor of “community organizers” such as ACORN in saying the State can’t even demand proof of the applicant’s existence. ** Heinous!
  • Under ObamaCare, all persons not otherwise covered by a “private” plan MUST enroll in the government plan or face a ‘penalty’ equal to 2.5% of their income. * Preposterous!
  • BHO was on the verge of appointing his 33rd “Czar” this week, a process that has no publicly announced job descriptions, qualification requirements, vetting standards, or selection criteria. And in many cases, the authority of these ‘Czars’ supercedes that of the BHO appointed Cabinet member for whom they supposedly work. *** So much for ‘transparency.Ridiculous!
  • About one third of ObamaCare—$500 billion dollars—will be paid for by cuts to Medicare (the program covering folks over 65 years old) in order to deliver services to (among others) almost 10 million illegal aliens. * And the committed Gen-X liberals are OK with taking away from their own parents and grandparents in order to provide for people who are in this country illegally. * Shameful!
  • During a Facebook conversation this week involving a good number of well educated, committed, liberal Gen-Xers a statement was made by one of them that Bush-Cheney had ‘run all over the Constitution” and had taken away their rights. When challenged by The Sage to give specific examples to back up their claims, not one—I repeat, not one of them—could or would do so. The thread ran another 18 hours or so with a dozen or more additional comments, but without one shred of factual data to back their claim—just more of the same rhetoric and “Kool-Aid-Komments.’ How did we raise a whole generation of “know nothings”? Atrocious!
  • Under ObamaCare, all businesses with an annual payroll of $250, 000 or more will be mandated to provide health care benefits to all their employees or face a penalty of 8% of their gross payroll.* Monstrous!

    If you are a more centrist Liberal and a BHO supporter reading this, you might want to re-consider your stance with regard to the concerns of Conservatives. But, if you are a far left Liberal reading this and a blind supporter of BHO under all circumstances and find nothing shocking, outrageous or immoral about any of the above then YOU are the problem and also the reason Conservatives must continue to fight the good fight.

    And, for the record, the points above marked with one asterisk ( that’s a * for you Gen-Xers) are straight from the reports recently released by the Congressional Budget Office, The House Ways and Means Committee ( do some research on your own to find out what their role is), and the Associated Press. The incident marked with 2 asterisks comes straight from the website of the Office of Secretary of State for the State of Georgia. The comments with 3 asterisks come from various print media news sources.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


The “Sports” section of this morning’s Tampa Tribune prominently featured an article with this headline: “McNair eulogized as hero”. For those of you who may have been on another planet for the past week, Steve McNair was a 36 year-old, retired NFL quarterback with Hall-of-Fame credentials who was shot and killed by his 20 year old girlfriend who then shot herself in the head. McNair was also a husband and a father of four children. And, there are reports he had at least one other young girlfriend with whom he kept active company.

As I read the story of prominent sports figures giving testimonial to what a good man McNair was I couldn’t help but think about Mark Sanford, the 49 year old Governor of South Carolina, who was also recently caught up in the scandal of an extramarital affair with a 43 year old, divorced, Argentine woman. Like McNair, Sanford is married and a father of young children. But unlike McNair no prominent figures are tripping over themselves to tell the world what a good man Mark Sanford is and the print media isn’t hailing him as a “hero”. Instead Sanford has been portrayed as a love-sick fool chasing after a woman- -his “soul-mate”- - who looks strikingly like his wife Jenny who at 47 is only 4 years older than his mistress who, in turn, is only 6 years younger than Sanford himself. According to the media, only an idiot would risk his career, reputation, family and livelihood for a woman who’s only six years younger and looks a lot like his wife. However, by the standards of US journalists- -to the extent they have any standards at all- - to be called a “hero” you have to be involved with a woman only slightly more than half your age and with a “bangin’ bod” to boot. Yet, of the reputations that will live on after these two guys- -both of whom have been accused of betraying their families- - I think I’d rather have Sanford’s than McNair’s.

Mark and Jenny Sanford meet every definition of a power couple. Until now he was characterized as a handsome, smart and effective politician whose star was on the rise thanks in no small part to his wife, a pretty heiress and investment banker, who personally financed his first two successful campaigns. They made it to the Governor’s Mansion in South Carolina and by all accounts had a good chance of making it to the White House some day. But like so many “power marriages” somewhere along the line the Sanford marriage, I suspect, became all about the power and influence being gained and one or both of them forgot how to nurture the other. Unfortunately, in this case, I think it may have been Jenny Sanford who forgot that role.

We men are strange creatures. We are genetically engineered to provide for and protect the ones we love- -especially our mates. This role is hard-wired in the “Y” chromosome and irretrievably imbedded in our DNA. But just as deeply imbedded is our need for validation and intimacy. We need to frequently be told we are the biggest, strongest, sexiest man in the realm. We need to be compensated with the intimacy of a companion, confidante, friend, helpmate, kindred soul, lover, and partner. And when that doesn’t happen, just like the Knights of the middle ages, we go on a “quest” to find one. We, like Sir Lancelot, go searching for our Guinevere*. The one woman who will help heal and complete us. The one woman who will be our confidante, friend and lover.

The fact that Sanford’s self-described “soul-mate”, is only 4 years younger than Jenny Sanford and looks so much like her tells me the Governor was not- -like McNair- - out to prove his manhood and satisfy his ego through the conquest of some hard-bodied 20 year old but rather that Mark Sanford was on a quest to find his Guinevere and he found her in Maria Belen Chapur.

So given the choice of being remembered as a flawed athletic “hero” or being remembered as a man searching for his Guinevere, I’ll take the role of Lancelot without hesitation. And, if they’re being honest, I think most men would do the same. Perhaps everyone out there in a "power relationship" should consider this a cautionary tale.

* Find the tale of Lancelot and Guinevere at:


Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Trouble With Liberals

I just can’t help ragging on Liberals. True, there are those Liberals among my family and friends who are people I dearly love and who I’m pretty sure love me. (At least up ‘til this post.) But, the rest I find annoying, shallow, arrogant and obsequious ideologues. You know the type of Liberals I mean- - -the Al Franken, John Stewart, Bill Maher, Janine Garofalo, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Wesley Clark, Al Gore, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Moyers, Caroline Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, John Edwards, Keith Olberman, Gavin Newsom, George Soros, Seymour Hersh, Rob Reiner, Arianna Huffington, Molly Ivins, Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, Harry Reid, Jerry Brown and Janet Napolitano types, to name just a few. If you read what they write, watch their TV programs, see their movies, parse their speeches and scrutinize their behaviors it doesn’t take long to figure out these people are all bothersome and arrogantly think they are inherently “better” than Conservatives.

Have you ever heard any of the folks mentioned above ever imply that “Conservative” is anything other than another name for a red-necked, Bible thumping, racist, sexist, hate mongering, planet polluting, greed worshipping, pedophilic, dim-witted oaf? Think I’m wrong? Read the comments made by the readers of The Huffington Post on a daily basis for a week and you’ll see far worse vitriol than this hurled at Conservatives by those peace-loving, let’s all get along, we are the world, hold hands and sing Kumbaya, Liberals.

Now just in case there are any Liberals still reading this, let me point out a few of the specific things that Conservatives find irksome about you.

You seem to have a lot of terms that have only one, very strict, definition. Take “Racism” for example. You appear to think it strictly means “white men taking advantage of people of color.” To you it can’t possibly be a two-way-street even though the Supreme Court thinks otherwise. Or “Sexism” which, when I hear you speak, seems to be a problem every time a woman gets passed over for a promotion or appointment that went to man - -regardless of the circumstances. To you it is unfathomable that a woman may simply have been lacking in base skills or credentials because the Feminists have told you so and they wouldn’t lie.

Then there are the self described “Intellectuals”- - the true arrogants among you- - the Liberal teachers and professors that dominate the faculties of most high schools and colleges in the US and science labs everywhere. If only the rest of us were as enlightened as you are the world would be a better place. You are quick to spread liberal ideology and theory and quick to embrace the science of the day. Yet, you attempt to shut off all debate by proclaiming the latest theory to be “settled science”. Let me give you one astounding example of how arrogant you can be when it comes to this sort of debate.

When we finally got computers with enough power to handle the complex calculations involved in deconstructing the human genome it was widely reported as “settled science” that humans and chimps share 97% of their DNA. Let me repeat the implication of that statement: except for a 3% variance, humans and chimps would be the same. Now folks let me see if I’ve got this right. Except for a scant 3% differential in our shared DNA chimps would be; doing math, devising languages, writing poetry, making movies, inventing new devices, designing space craft, constructing bridges, erecting buildings, performing complex surgeries, playing football, cooking gourmet meals, penning self-help books, piloting airplanes, driving cars, feeding the poor among themselves and keeping up with their friends on Facebook- -is that correct? Does that make sense to you? Does that “smell” right to you? Is that where the debate ends? Did it ever occur to you that your computer models could be wrong? Did you ever think that perhaps DNA is not the ultimate building block, that it might be something smaller yet with a much greater base which would explain why no one in their lucid mind would observe that a chimp is 97% the same as a human. Oh yeah, I forgot. It’s “settled science”.

So, dear Liberals are you beginning to get the idea why so many folks don’t like you? It’s because you think- - -no, you believe- -that you are morally and intellectually superior to everyone else, especially Conservatives. Take a close look at the 30 names I mentioned in the first paragraph- - noted Liberals all. Does that seem like a morally and intellectually superior group to you? If it does then you are a true-believer. Enjoy your Kool-Aid.