Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't Expect BHO to Be What He Cannot.

Someone said long ago that a "Leopard can't change his spots." Neither can a Tiger or a Giraffe. No matter what he does a Tiger will always be Tiger. A Leopard will always be a Leopard. And a Giraffe will always be a Giraffe. And so it seems with BHO- - -once a Liberal always a Liberal no matter how he tries to disguise it.

During his campaign for the Presidency, predictably, BHO moved toward the 'center' in order to appeal to moderate Republicans, Centrists and Independents without whose support he could not win the election. He repeatedly said that he had "no interest" in reliving the past and that in his Presidency the country would "move forward." And today, 100 days into his Presidency, he still SAYS the same thing but, his actions are the direct opposite of his words. In short, he says what he says to publicly continue his appeal to Moderates, Centrists and Independents but his ACTIONS- -the real markers of his intent- -are designed to appeal to one group only, the Far Left.

Proof of this started with the recent release of the CIA Memos detailing the "enhanced interrogation techniques" that, under a previous and legally elected Administration, were deemed to be "legal" but have been denounced and outlawed by the current Administration. Release of those Memos put career government service personnel- -CIA Agents mostly- -in fear of being prosecuted and into a CYA mode (see my previous post), in spite of Obama's hollow ringing promise that nothing of the sort would happen to those who were doing their job in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Memos. So, if the performance of one's job within the guidelines of the Memos is considered legal and un-prosecutable doesn't it follow that the Memos authorizing the "legal" process were themselves legal, too? After all, how can you issue an "illegal" Memo authorizing a "legal" process? Yet, the very next day BHO said in a news conference that he would defer to the Attorney General and the DOJ as to whether the drafting of the legal opinion behind those Memos was "actionable." If BHO truly wanted to look forward not backward then all he had to do was say right then and there that he was instructing the DOJ to issue a new policy replacing the old one and to strictly enforce the new policy only. End of subject. Case closed. But no, BHO punted to the DOJ. Who winds up happy here? Not Moderates, Centrists or Independents that's for sure.

He did it again last Friday when the Administration said the US Supreme Court should over-rule a 23 year old decision that gives each of us the right to refuse to answer police questions unless we have an attorney present. On the surface that looks like a request that should appeal to police, prosecutors and the "law and order" crowd on the Right thus proving BHO is a pragmatist and not just another Progressive trying to pass for a Centrist ala Hillary Clinton. But the Supreme Court has not acknowledged the "request" much less commented or ruled on it. I'm guessing the Supreme Court will punt as well and BHO will shop around for a Federal Court which will not only uphold the current law but will issue an opinion that will make it even tougher for the cops to do their jobs. Then the Supremes will review that enhanced decision and uphold it, making it the law of the land. BHO will tell Moderates, Centrists and Independents he "tried to support the police and prosecutors" but "the Courts saw it a different way." And who winds up happy here? Again, NOT, Independents, Centrists or Moderates.

If you think about it this is both strategically and tactically brilliant. If the Democrats and the Far Left have a strategy to consolidate power by making their positions on controversial issues the law of the land thus eliminating legitimate dissent then the tactic of having the President say one thing to appeal to swing voters while placing the decision making power in whatever arm of government will do their bidding then disavowing responsibility for the (expected) outcome is- - sheer genius. And damn near impossible to stop.

I'm looking for this tactic to continue with BHO issuing seemingly moderate, centrist statements on gun control, gay marriage and, of course, abortion while in the background his minions work to manipulate the decision process so the outcome will ALWAYS favor the Far Left. Why? Because BHO is a cat who grew up in a liberal environment and learned his politics in the rough and tumble Democratic Wards of Chicago while his values were being honed by the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Richie Daly. Essentially the same breeding ground for another cat named Rod Blogojevich. Two different cats for sure but both sharing one inevitable point of truth- -neither can change his spots.

The Sage

Friday, April 24, 2009

The New Rules for Interrogating Terrorists

Time: Right now- today.
Place: CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia.
Participants: A senior CIA Agent and a captured terrorist.

AGENT: Good morning, Mr. Ali. I hope you slept well, had breakfast served in accordance with Islamic dietary laws, took a shower, changed into fresh clothes, had time to read your Koran and have completed your morning prayers?

TERRORIST: Yes, infidel pig. Thanks to Allah, the merciful.

AGENT: Good, then we can start this session which will be conducted under the new Obama Administration rules. Is that OK with you?

TERRORIST: If we must.

AGENT: Mr. Ali we in America are nice people who favor civil rights for all and have disavowed any form of questioning that would make you feel anxious, stressed and threatened. So, I will ask you once nicely, do you have any information on any impending attacks on the US and if so, would you please tell me now?

TERRORIST: None, infidel vermin. May Allah strike you dead.

AGENT: Gee whiz, Mr. Ali. Can't you see that I'm a nice guy and simply want to be your friend. So, let me ask you again- -even more nicely than before- -is there another 911 style attack planned against the US? And if so, where, when and how?

TERRORIST:Listen you dumb pile of camel crap. There will NEVER be another 911 style attack against the US. We don't need that to topple your decadent culture. We will use your institutions like the ACLU and the naivete of your liberals and progressives to destroy you from the inside out!! And now, enough, I'm feeling threatened and tortured by your harsh method of interrogation.

AGENT: OK, well I guess that does it for today. Your lawyer and doctor are here. We'll pick this up again tomorrow after I check with the NY Times Editorial Board, Senator Leahy and the ACLU to be sure I don't violate your rights. Sorry for inconveniencing you, Mr. Ali.

TERRORIST: Can someone change the HDTV channel in my cell from FOX to MSNBC? It's among my "rights" you know.